Specialist Breast Surgeon


To provide the best care for her patients, Prof Elder works in a team of other dedicated professionals, including breast care nurses and other specialists. All cancer patients are discussed at Multidisciplinary Team meetings either at Lakeside Specialist Breast Clinic or at the Westmead Breast Cancer Institute to provide a personalised treatment plan. These are the other specialists Prof Elder works most closely with, but she may also refer to other specialists according to patients’ wishes.

Medical oncologists

Dr Dhanusha Sabanathan

A/Prof Nicholas Wilcken

Radiation oncologists

A/Prof Tim Wang

Other breast surgeons

A/Prof James French

A/Prof Farid Meybodi

Plastic surgeons

Dr Bish Soliman

Dr Peter Laniewski

Dr Thomas Lam

Anesthetist (in private)

Dr Helen Leggett

Allied Health:

Clinical Psychologist

Dr Jemma Gilchrist

Occupational therapist

(lymphoedema treatment and prevention/ postoperative rehabilitation)

Louise Koelmeyer

Brenda Guitterez

Libby Ringrose

Familial Cancer Services – clinical genetics

A/Prof Judy Kirk


Specialist breast radiologists at Westmead Breast Cancer Institute, Breast Screen, PRP and other private radiology providers.

Dr Suellyn Kennedy and other breast physicians at Westmead Breast Cancer Institute